Tips for a Successful Party

So you are thinking of having a party for your child?

In my experience many parents dread the thought of organising a party – I know because I have had to organise parties for my own 7 year old boy/girls twins!

My following party tips will help your party run smoothly,  giving everyone a great day to remember.

  • Involve your children from the very start. Kids love to get involved in the planning and organising the invites.  It will certainly keep them out of mischief. Involve any older brothers or sisters, especially with the food so that they do not feel left out.
  • Be prepared to entertain the kids as soon as  they arrive.  If the kids have nothing to do when they arrive, and some will arrive early, they will get bored, run around and be more difficult to keep in control.
  • As much as kids love balloons, it is better to keep balloons off the floor and on the walls. Kids love to jump on balloons and the noise of bursting balloons  can frighten some of the younger kids.
  • If you have invited a lot of kids, using name tags is a idea great. Sticky labels and an ink marker are ideal.
  • Put presents on a table at the side and open them later  at home or when everyone has left.  This way, your child can take their time and enjoy opening presents and you also  know who the presents are from which makes it easier for the thank you notes.
  • Tables full of party food can look yummy but the reality is that a lot of food is wasted. If you are doing a buffet, kids are happy with some light snacks such as sausage rolls, mini pizzas and sandwiches. Diluting juice works a treat.
  • Kids love blowers but they can be distracting when trying to organise food or during a magic show. It is preferable to hand these out in goody bags at the end of the party.
  • If you are doing party games, try some non-elimination games. It’s a party and kids love to be involved and it’s certainly easier to keep control when all the kids are joining in.
  • If you have a bouncy castle, please deflate it during the food and magic show (it’s difficult to compete with the noise of a bouncy castle).  Bouncy castles inflate very quickly so the bouncy castle can be ready without delay when needed.
  • Make sure you have a nice bottle of wine at home so that you can relax at the end of the day – you deserve it!

The key to a successful party is good planning. If you keep the above tips in mind, you are on your way to a stress free party.

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